Specialist Logistics

Track, Stage, Events

Embassy Freight over the last 10 years have managed several solutions one in 2011/12 for the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) which involved shipping 45 x 40ft containers including Airfreight, and hazardous goods from Stratford England to the centre of Manhatten US for a 13 week stage production of their all time classic plays. Not only exporting the entire staging and costumes but re importing it all back to the UK, timed deliveries into “The Armoury” off 5th Avenue, which is one of the busiest  square miles in the world for traffic, cranage for the containers off within the building and then shipped back to the UK with a tight schedule for the “get out”.

Recently the Yamaha Motorbike (USA) team were over in the UK for two meetings at Brands Hatch and Silverstone. ATA Carnets enable the bikes to be imported and re exported.

Embassy Freight BSB from Devoted Films UK on Vimeo.

Similarly, a UK enthusiast took his 1970 Ford Capri 2 litre to race in the “Classic Car Rally” in Australia, we loaded and secured the vehicle in the UK, unloading in Oz for the rally, and re importing the vehicle.

Projects such as this require, skills that extend beyond normal freight forwarding activities, experience in this area is paramount to manage all customs formalities home and overseas, and we work closely with Embassy offices or our nominated partners in delivering the goods to meet the event. The above are just some of testimonials.